The Little Miss Project LIVE: Mansfield, MA

The Little Miss Project LIVE through Katie’s view! She also tells us about her huge gift for two girls that she met through The Little Miss Project. It’s wonderful to see how the project has been reaching and connecting all kinds of people with everyone’s stories. It’s really become something else thanks to all who have supported, submitted, and shared your stories. THANK YOU! Katie writes,

The Little Miss Project Live in Mansfied, MA this past Friday was a success! Jessica from Michigan and I started planning a couple months ago and talked back on forth right up until the day of the concert. I couldn’t even sleep the night before because I was so nervous something would go wrong and just so excited to see it live for the first time. I had t-shirts made for the 4 of us – Jessica’s friend Kelly came with her and I brought my friend Kelsey.

When we started going around asking people if they had heard of the LMP we were surprised to hear that not many people had, but many of those who had heard about it were more than happy to participate. We took turns explaining the project and handed out the paper before heading down to the stage. I had butterflies the entire evening – I just couldn’t wait for “Little Miss”. When the song started everyone held up their signs – mine said “My sister passed away when I was 9… She was 17” and “I’m okay”. It was such a powerful moment… all I could think about was my sister and how I knew she was right there with me throughout the whole concert. My sister, Ashley introduced me to country music and Sugarland and LBT have inspired me in so many ways and given me the strength I need every single day to keep holding on and pushing through. I started crying and was completely lost in the moment. For 5 minutes I didn’t feel alone… I felt connected to those holding up their struggles. I knew there were people right beside me who understood how I felt… My heart was racing just thinking about the power of one song, one band… 2 people… the impact they have made/will continue to make on their fans and future fans. The feeling is really indescribable and I can’t wait to experience it again.

I was so caught up the moment and between the tears I wasn’t able to snap any pictures. I did although set my camera on the stage on video – not the greatest quality picture but the sound is decent. So, if anyone has a video or pictures I’d love to see them!!

I just wanted to thank you Erica for starting this project. Because of you, my life is changed forever… the LMP has changed me in so many ways. I met Jessica and Kelly this weekend because of the LMP – 2 amazing gals who drove 13 hrs one way from Michigan! I won a M&G Friday night, but after meeting Jessica and Kelly I knew that the right thing for me to do was give my passes to them. Without a doubt in my mind I gave them my passes and they got to meet Jennifer and Kristian. I wouldn’t have had it any other way and just seeing them so happy made my heart smile so big. Sugarland fans make you want to do the right thing… Jessica’s sign inspired me and I knew how much it meant to her to be to thank Jennifer and Kristian for their music. I hope some day I’ll be able to thank them also, but I’ll wait if it means other fans can thank them too. I am forever grateful for Sugarland, their fans and their music. I have never been so proud to call myself a fan in the past 8 years since Friday night…. absolutely unbelievable. Can’t wait to take part in the next LMP at the concert I attend.

Forever fan,

I attached a picture a someone posted in the forum, which happened to be of my sign.. all credit to Angie for the photo!


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