LMP Kudos & Love

The incredible journey of The Little Miss Project…

Sugarland saw the video and shared it on their website:
The Little Miss Project: Watch the fan video here

Sugarland chooses to continue the project and lets other fans submit their stories:
The Little Miss Project: We want to hear YOUR stories!

The Little Miss Project gets recognized by The Boot:
Sugarland Start Little Miss Project With Help of Loyal Fan

The Little Miss Project gets recognized by Galtime with a little note from Jennifer as well:
Little Miss Project: How a Single Song is Changing Lives

Ashley Mann writes about the Project:
“Sugar Freaks”

Sugarland hands The Little Miss Project back to the creator, Erica:
The Little Miss Project has a new home!

The Boot gets word out about the new home:
Sugarland ‘Thrilled’ Little Miss Project Has New Home

Ashley Mann also lets everyone know about the new home:
Sugarland has BIG Plans for The Little Miss Project!

Jennifer says thank you:
Jennifer Nettles: Little Miss Thankful


3 thoughts on “LMP Kudos & Love

  1. I am so happy to have been a part of this project and I am ecstatic that it is taking off! Thank you so much for starting this, it has been a blessing.

  2. I started listening to sugarland a few years ago when I, like everyone else, was going through some hard times. Like so many of their songs this one shows us that EVERYONE goes though difficulties but we do all find a way of coming out the other end and its the the things we cling on to like knowing we are loved that get us through. I just want to thank you for helping everyone share problems through these videos and stories – a problem shared. I know i’d shed a few tears watching them. Well done everyone. thank you x

  3. I would like to thank the LMP for a wonderful job done. I also want to thank everyone that has contributed to the LMP as well. I also need to extend a thank you to Jennifer and Kristian for their wonderful music and lyrics.

    Thank you all and God Bless

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