About The LMP

It all started with my fan-made video called “The Little Miss Project,” on Youtube. I never imagined the journey it would take next. Sugarland recognized it within the first couple hours and posted an article on their website. They chose to continue the project and let other fans submit their stories. Thousands of people have seen the video and have explained how much it has touched them and how it really puts a visual effect on the song. This blog is now the new home of “The Little Miss Project,” where people can continue to share their stories. I’m so excited to be hosting this site with Maria, who is now my sidekick of the site to keep it running smoothly. For information on how to submit your story, check out the “Submit Your Story” tab above!



5 thoughts on “About The LMP

  1. I sent an email in the beginning of the little miss project, and whitney from sugarland music.com was nice enough to write me back. I love this project and what it stands for, and I love Sugarland music…I have my own “little miss” blog now..thank you for starting this. It’s an amazing thing.

  2. Thank you for creating the LMP. It can be inspirational to everyone…not just Sugarland fans. I’ve shared your story on my blog as well as on-air (95.5 FM WSM). Please keep me posted on all the wonderful things ahead for the LMP! -Ashley

    • Ashley, thank you so much for following this project! Really appreciate that you’re getting the word out, too! I think this has helped so many people realize that they ARE strong and they ARE going to be okay! =) Jennifer has kept me updated and I loved the blog you posted, too! I will definitely keep you updated! =)

  3. Hi! I must say that I think LMP is awesome!! I have a story to tell. I am a huge fan of SugarLand and their music has always touched me. But, when I heard Lil Miss..it literally invaded my soul. I found much courage a little over 6 months ago and left a 17 year abusive marriage. Since then, he has done everything in his power to make sure I have nothing but misery. He doesn’t care if he loses everything either, as long as I get nothing. My biggest fear/concern is our 16 year old son. Currently we have joint custody, but I know the mental & emotional abuse has now been put upon his shoulders. I listen to this song daily because I know – I know God has me in the palm of His hand and as I heal, gaining strength, I can become stronger to fight for my son. It is going to be alright!!!

  4. It is amazing how a song can make a difference in someone’s life. I was married almost 25 yrs., when we were divorced. He was an alcoholic and I just couldnt handle it anymore. We were divorced 10 yrs and it never went by 6 months when he would ask me to marry him, on my birthday too. He never could get past the idea of the papers are final. On October 10, 2010 when he called me as usual after midnight. we were chatting and as usual it came to the marriage part. We have 4 boys together and 4 grandchildren. Well i laughed and told him when he died I was gonna have them play the song, “he stopped loving her today” its an older song and it is a perfect rendition of our lives. He says, no I want that song “I got you babe.” It’s a song a friend and I used to sing. Needless to say one week later on Saturday night, he called all the boys, talked with 2 of them and left messages with the other 2. He called my house and then he got to talk with 2 of his grandchildren. The next morning the boys were to move him into a new apartment, he was so excited. As he is saying goodbye to me, He says” you know I will always love you. I said , yeah Jo, I know. My oldest son and his kids found him dead the next morning of a heart attack. The boys had a beautiful funeral for him and I was included in all that went on. even tho we were divorced I was included in all that concerned the boys during the past 10 yrs. It has been a struggle for the boys, who are 23-29 yrs old. We made it through Xmas and then New Year’s. It has been a trying year for them, they also lost their grandfather and uncle(12 hrs apart) both on their Dad’s side of the family. Our big test will come in May. My 2nd son will be getting married. Getting pictures ready for their Dad’s funeral was rough, but now getting a bouquet ready in rememberance of him is even harder. I know they will make it through this and do fine, its just something you think will be in older ages. Thanks to all who wrote letters, they are all special and I have always said we have things happen in our lives to make us stronger.

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