The Little Miss Project LIVE: Cleveland & Pittsburgh

Anyone planning The Little Miss Project LIVE for this upcoming weekend of tour dates in Mansfield, MA, Holmdel, NJ, and Columbia, MD?! Let these LMP LIVE examples from last week in Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA help you pull together some incredible plans! And then report back to us after your show with a blog, pictures, and/or video so we can share the experience on the site!

The LMP LIVE Cleveland:

Maria checking in! The Incredible Machine Tour is well underway with lots of upcoming shows on the schedule, meaning it’s the perfect time to start thinking ahead and planning the Little Miss Project LIVE for upcoming shows that YOU are attending! When Jen S. and Jessica S., fellow Michigan Sugarland fans, planned and pulled together the first LMP LIVE in Grand Rapids, MI, back in March, I just knew it was going to become something tremendous. I have participated in a couple Little Miss Projects LIVE now, and they keep getting bigger and better! Check out the LMP LIVE blog and video from Minneapolis that Erica and I put together, as well as the video I am including below from Cleveland…

Thank you to whoever captured this video footage during the Little Miss Project LIVE in Cleveland last Friday night! And thank you to everyone that participated! The response and reaction from both Jennifer and Kristian were unbelievable. Something I will truly never forget. If you are able to, I encourage you to bring extra paper and sharpies to your show to get as many people to participate as possible! Jennifer P., Sarah B., and I brought extra supplies and began to rally the troops in the Sugarpit line, while everyone was waiting around to enter. So easy to do and it is such a fun way to get to know other fans!


The LMP LIVE Pittsburgh:

We did the Little Miss Project live at Pittsburgh – it almost didn’t happen, because the security at the gates tried to tell me we weren’t allowed in with signs-but I told them I wasn’t throwing them out, and then this supervisor came over, and she said we could go ahead but not to blame her if we got thrown out of the concert for holding signs up, lol. I wasn’t in the pit, but me and my friends were in the very front row, right behind the pit-there was a fence seperating us from the pit, but we were soooo close….when Little Miss started, my three friends and I held our signs up, and these girls in the pit turned around and asked if we had any more, so I handed her the stack and she started passing it down the pit-we got about 30 people or so holding signs :). My friend and I had made generic signs-they said “sometimes you gotta lose til you win”, “I’m okay”, “It’ll be alright again” and “I am loved”, and a few just said “Little Miss”-we WERE going to have people write whatever story they wanted to on the front of them before the concert started but we were afraid a guard would see us doing that and kick us out, so except for me and my best friend, the signs were one sided, but it ended up being awesome. No guard yelled at us. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had at a concert. My sign said “survived rape and abuse” and “Little Miss brand new start”, and my best friend’s sign said “I am fighting a debilitating disease with pain you couldn’t imagine” and “Little Miss I’ll get tough”-and we both cried-I felt like Jennifer and Kristian really saw us last night. The camera stayed on us the entire song-on all the signs-it was so amazing. People were crying-two girls turned around and hugged me when it was over and thanked me for letting them be a part of the song. I can’t explain what it felt like-I’m sure you know, though! It was just so powerful. Seeing our signs on the big screen, seeing people crying and holding their signs up so high, hearing Jennifer belt out that song, hearing the crowd screaming the words…I don’t think anything will ever match those few moments last night in my life.

The one problem is I didn’t get any pictures or videos of it! 😦 We were all so focused and overwhelmed and singing and crying that no one thought about getting our cameras out, and we all had cameras! I’m so mad! If you can, can you ask on your blog or your website if anyone got pictures/video of it? I can’t believe we didn’t get one picture!!!

Erica, thank you for starting this project. Last night was proof of how inspiring and powerful and life changing that song is, and the project. I don’t know exactly how to thank you-those words aren’t enough. Holding my sign up was a huge gigantic step for me. I don’t tell people about my past like that-only my best friend knows about what’s happened to me-and there I was, on a giant big screen, with my sign for hundreds of strangers to read. And I never even thought twice about it. I’m amazed at myself. It’s like I stopped being silent last night. So thank you for being a part of that, for helping me be strong enough to hold that sign up.



3 thoughts on “The Little Miss Project LIVE: Cleveland & Pittsburgh

  1. Awwv thanks Maria it has Definately taken on s life of its own since grand rapids! Something none of us will forget

    • That’s awesome, Megan! Thanks for sharing that! =) And your blog about the show made it feel so ‘real!’ Almost felt like I was there! I’m so glad the project has helped you, as well as the song that has touched all of our hearts! =) -Erica

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