Little Miss Meghan

Hi! My name is Meghan. I live in Maryland. I don’t have a blog and every time I try to start a video, I can’t seem to be able to finish it. The story below will probably show why.

I’ve been struggling with how to tell my story for awhile now. I’ve even been crying since starting to write this. This song has come to mean so much to this past year that tears still form when I hear it. That and this story begins well over a year ago.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2010. After a long surgery she was in remission. To celebrate, my aunt, mom, & I did our dream trip to the CMA Fest in Nashville. Right after Christmas, mom said something just didn’t feel right. In early January, my mom was told that the cancer came back and was more aggressive. She underwent one treatment, was devastated losing her hair, but was determined to keep fighting. Then major complications arose after a fall and treatment just wasn’t possible for several weeks giving the cancer time to grow quickly. Mom fought hard with my dad, brother & myself at her side everyday, but passed away just after Mother’s Day.

I was devastated. My mom was more than a parent, she was a mentor, my best friend, & my biggest supporter in everything I’ve ever done. You’re never truly prepared to deal with such a hard loss no matter how much you try and how long you know you have.

I had first listened to Little Miss on the drive from work to the hospital one day. I was feeling rather upset that day and didn’t really have much of a reason. I had listened to the Incredible Machine many times before, but before Little Miss didn’t have the same meaning. When it got to the line, “Little miss I’ll get tough don’t you worry about me anymore,” it grabbed my attention because that’s what mom had been saying since we found out about the cancer and something she was trying to say in not so many words before she passed. When it got to, “Sometimes you gotta lose ’till you win,” the tears flowed and didn’t stop. I just had to listen to it again and again. I must have listened to it a dozen times that day.

My mom, brother, & I were planning on seeing Sugarland in Columbia, MD in May. Mom really loved Sugarland and she said how much she wanted to meet Jennifer but we could never seem to win one of those infamous Meet & Greets. She passed about a week before the concert so it was the first thing we had really done since everything happened, My friend and my brother’s friend came with us instead. My friend & I were in the Sugarpit and were having a great time and I heard the beginning of Little Miss. I froze and just watched Jennifer start to sing. By the time that she got “It’ll be alright again” I was sobbing. Thank goodness I had my friend there and everyone in the pit started supporting me even though I didn’t know any of them. It just hit me like a brick. Like it says, “sometimes you gotta lose till you win,” but no matter what, “you are loved.” I know my mom still loves me no matter where she is and when I need to remember, I just put on Little Miss to remind me that “it’ll be alright again.”

There are still a few Little Miss stories to go, but we want to keep them coming! See how you can be a part of the next step here: The Little Miss Project Book


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