Little Miss Mallory

Hi my name is Mallory, I’m fourteen and I live in Indiana,

I started listening to Sugarland in 2008 when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve always listened to country music my whole life listening to Shania Twain and Faith Hill. I remember when I heard “Baby Girl” for the first time on the radio. I was immediately perked up I instantly fell in love with “Dear Mom and Dad” what I used to call it! I was in first grade when Sugarland released “Baby Girl” in 2004! Everyone remembers “Stay” from “Enjoy the Ride” the 2007 Song of the Year! I’m not sure if I watched it or not, I was in 4th grade at the time. In 6th grade the obsession began, “All I Want to do” was so catchy and I was singing it a lot. I quickly purchased “Love on the Inside,” and “Twice the Speed of Life.” I listened to “Love on the Inside” every day! My favorite song was “It Happens.”

Whenever I needed motivation during this time I’d listen to “It Happens.” That was my song for about a year. My favorite part of this song is the chorus, “Ain’t no rhyme or reason no complicated meaning Ain’t no need to over think it, let go laughing! Your life don’t go quite like you planned it we try so hard to understand it. The irrefutable, indisputable, fact is it happens!” This tells us all when life doesn’t go as planned all you need to do is let go laughing! Laughing is amazing! In the booklet for “Love on the Inside” it says “Life is short. We are reminded not to take ourselves too seriously. Some days we can just take a step to the side and let go laughing.” I have a post note saying this on my bedroom door and by my computer.

2008 was the worst year of my life, and Sugarland was my shining light during this time. My mom was so fragile and sick all the time I couldn’t bare it. Nights after school I’d lock myself in my room with my Sugarland CD’s and sing my heart out. That’s what made me feel better! I sang and sang all the time. It made me feel better; when I sang “It Happens” I always had a smile on my face.

I picked up “Enjoy The Ride” one afternoon at Target and I fell in love with “Everyday America” that was my favorite song it described my community that I live in. “Joey stares at a trophy he took us all the way to state back in ’85. A shining moment and a dusty reminder, he never felt so scared he never felt so alive.” It reminds me of our sports team success at our high school. Our football team won state championship in ’84 and girl’s basketball state runner up in ’08 and ’09. The whole message to this song is so relatable.

July 23, 2010 was when my song changed. I switched my favorite song from “Everyday America” to “Stuck Like Glue” I was so excited for “The Incredible Machine” to come out in October. I was literally counting down the days! When the music video came out I immediately bought it, I’m so glad I did! One of the best music videos I’ve seen. Jennifer is now a crazy stalker lady, but we all love her anyway. (:

On August 20, 2010 I traveled to our state’s capital (Indianapolis) singing every Sugarland song on the way. Why? My best friend and I were going to see them in concert! Best day of my life, and all the stress was gone for awhile. I sang my heart out in the grandstand and was so excited to see Jennifer & Kristian in person! And of course Little Big Town opened the show; I’ve always liked their music too which made it even more fun!

That night I heard several new songs from the album, but the one that stuck out to me the most was “Incredible Machine.” This later defined the whole CD for me. That night opened my eyes.

Once I got home from Indianapolis my focus went back on my mom. Struggling still, and this broke my heart. I never talked about this to hardly anyone. Just a select few Aunt April, Natalie, and Rachel. Not many understood and every time all I got from someone was “I’m sorry.” This didn’t help me at all.

October 19th arrived and I heard “Little Miss” for the first time and I cried. “It’ll be alright again, I’m okay.” I often said “I’m okay,” or “It’ll be alright.” That song is relatable for anyone! I recommend it all the time to everyone I meet. If you’re my facebook friend you hear about Sugarland daily. The most important message in this song is that you are loved! This is just the beginning of my Sugarland journey, many more stories, laughter, and smiles are to come.

Thank you for shining down on me, Jennifer and Kristian.

Mallory (:


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