The Little Miss Project LIVE: Detroit, MI 7/9/11

I was fortunate enough to be apart of this truly AMAZING night. I got to meet a bunch of incredible fans including Jen & Jessica who produced the BIGGEST LMP LIVE, yet! (Says Jennifer Nettles: see facebook link for video below!) Way to go girls! I still look back and recap this night over and over. Here is the day/night through Jen’s view.

After taking the Little Miss Project LIVE for the first time in Grand Rapids, I was determined to make Sugarlands return visit to Michigan even better! Planning for the LMP Live ion Detroit started right after the Grand Rapids show in March. My friend Jessica and I were on a mission to make it the largest one that Jennifer & Kristian have seen on the tour. We got packs of cardstock and started writing the lyrics on one side of all the signs…You Are Loved. It’ll Be Alright Again. I’m Okay. Sometimes You Gotta Lose Til You Win. Before we knew it we had over 500 premade lyric signs made and our excitement was taken to a whole new level. Jessica even took it a step further and created instruction sheets to go with the signs that explained what we were trying to do and when to hold up the signs. As the show drew closer, we decided that we would have a preshow LMP prep/sugarparty the night before the show. That Friday Jessica Sulkowski, Jessica Wood and I got to work spray painting LMP Live banners! I was already bringing my Sugarland beer pong table to use as LMP central and so I built an extension to hold our banner from! The day of the show we packed up the car and headed to DTE for the show…bright and early at 8am! Unfortunately upon arrival security told us we were way to early so we went across the street and met up in a parking lot with Chelsea, Taylor, Jon and Mike. After spray painting our LOVE flag we got to work signing the LMP LIVE banner that we made the night before. Since this song and the LMP has had such a huge impact on me I knew that I had to do something to show Jennifer & Kristian how much they mean to me. We all wrote messages to Jennifer & Kristian and around 1pm we headed back to DTE and were pumped to get the word out on the project. Upon arriving back we met up with Holly,Erika,Sarah, Stephanie, Karen, Amy, Maria & Erica!! It was an awesome moment to finally meet Erica! They all signed the banner as well and then we proudly displayed the banner and had a Sugarland dance party in the parking lot. We caught a few people who got there early and got them hooked up with signs and the DJ’s from the radio stations came over and took pictures of it all…and then put the pictures on their websites 🙂

Once the sugarpass sugarpit line was let in to the venue it was operation LMP LIVE! Jessica Wood, Jessica Sulkowski and I were on a mission to get our signs in to the hands of as many people as possible. As the general public entered the pit we gave them all signs and we literally started walking the pavillion and talking to as many people as we could! People were very responsive! One gentleman even got on his phone and pulled up the original LMP video and said “wow what you girls did is amazing”. We also ran in to Casey, who was at the Grand Rapids show when we took it LIVE the first time and he was a HUGE help in passing out the signs. He would grab a stack and within minutes would be out! Within a matter of what seemed like minutes all 600 of our premade signs were passed out! I was in shock. It helped that it was hot and the signs were doubling as fans 🙂 We had done what we could to spread the word.

This is when i started getting nervous for meet and greet. Jennifer & Kristian entered the area and I dont think the smile left my face the whole time. I had in my hand the banner that we had all signed and Whitney so kindly let me go last so that I could show/give it to them. It was my turn to meet them and Jennifer asked me what was in my hand so i explained about being the first to take it live their first time in Grand Rapids and how we had gone to great lengths to make sure their return trip to Michigan was even bigger and wanted them to have something to remember it by. Kristian said with wet eyes “You don’k know how much this means to us” So we took the picture with the banner and i said what I could get out without crying to them. It was incredible!

The show seemed to fly by and before I knew it the first note of Little Miss played. My heart started racing and I was praying that everyone would hold up the signs that we had passed out I couldnt brign myself to turn around to look right away .I could see that everyone in the pit was holding theirs up. Jennifer started singing and walking from her side and Kristian grabs his mic and starts to walk towards Jennifer. It wasn’t until Jenn got to center stage that I really saw her reaction and noticed that both her and Kristian seemed to have tears in their eyes. It was at this moment that I turned around and the pavillion was covered in white signs! I couldn’t believe it! I immediately started crying! We did it!! I can’t even put in to words how amazing this moment was. To look out and see signs all over the pavillion from the back to the front was incredible! There was a lot of eye contact made with J & K! At one point I said “we did it” and Jenn said “Yes! Love it!” Again..cue the waterworks! The song was drawing to a close and she sang out “She’s ready now for love” and looked right at me and nodded! Throughout the song the smiles on their faces said it all! Through out the entire song you could tell that they could feel what we were feeling! To be able to give back a little of what they have given me was awesome! At the end of the song Jenn said that it was beautiful and the largest one that they have seen!!!! It was a surreal moment! To have Erica there, the person who put the project together made it that much more special! Hope we did you proud E!

Leaving the venue we saw a lot of people carrying their signs out with them. I even had a friend who has never seen Sugarland live say to me….” everyone around me was in tears during Little Miss including me. That was awesome. I get why this band means so much to you. You should be so proud of what you guys did tonight”

This was by far my perfect “tonight”! Experiencing moments that we will never forget with amazing people that have been brought in to my life because of the music! I am so thankful to everyone who participated and helped make this night the most amazing night of my life! Being a part of the original LMP and then a part of the original LIVE group has forever changed my life!! Words can’t express how grateful I am to you guys, especially Jessica, Jessica, Maria, Sarah, Chelsea, Holly and of course Erica. The music and this project saved me from myself.

I’ve attached some pictures as well 🙂

This video includes Jennifers commments and her recognizing Erica 🙂!/video/video.php?v=2224230051043&oid=119183111486917&comments

Video captured by Eli on Maria’s camera:

Countdown to Atlanta is on!!

Little Miss Dreams Come True!

– Jen


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