Little Miss Brenna’s Rock Poetry Project

Jennifer’s daughter came home from school with an assignment called, “Rock Poetry.” She tells us how Brenna went about choosing a song and how “Little Miss” was the song that got chosen. It was really fun to read this! Here’s an excerpt from her blog. There is a link below for the full story!

“The first task was picking an age-appropriate song that did not contain any foul language or controversial topics — more of a challenge than you would think. We could immediately negate Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Katie Perry; artists that young girls tend to be drawn to. My girls have been exposed to Sugarland pretty much their whole lives: we have been to two Sugarland concerts together (5/20/11 in Boston will be the third one), they wear their t-shirts with pride, and watch the videos over and over on their iPods. Without hesitation, Sugarland was Brenna’s first choice, and album by album, we began to research the lyrics of some of her favorite songs. She started with some of the older albums and worked her way up to the newer ones.”

Click here to read the full story!


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