Little Miss Shonda

I had to make a difficult decision and end a ‘relationship/friendship’ that only allowing me to be hurt by hanging on waiting for things to change between this particular guy I had been friends with for a long time and myself… On the night I realized I needed to make that break- I listened to “Little Miss” over and over again- reminding myself that everything was going to be alright… So many of the lyrics of the song make me feel like it was written while looking into my life and they helped me get thru this whole painful ordeal.

This is the note that’s on my FB page… along w/the Lyrics to the song… I titled the note… “Little Miss, Moving on…”

I’ve posted this song and lyrics on my wall before but not enough room to post it all there… lately the lyrics really seem to fit my life though- except I don’t have a checkered dress… I usually wear boots and jeans– However, recently had an ‘ah-ha’ moment and even though it hurt it made me realize how much time and energy that I’ve been wasting on something that was never going to be what I ‘wanted’… no matter what I did to try to make it so. Like the lyrics say I do give more than I take, I’ve always been that way– call it nurturing, call it co-dependent, call it stupid, call it whatever… but whatever it is, it stops now…

I have to cut some ties in my life in order to truly move forward– I can’t keep tying them up differently with a different colored ribbon each time my heart gets broken… sooner or later ya run out of ribbon. And I’m pretty much at the end of my spool…

I seem to keep making the same mistake(s) and it’s time for me to stop, to take my experience and finally learn from it… so that I can make my brand new start- letting go of a ‘dream, wish, hope’ is never easy but it’s necessary– and yes sometimes you gotta lose til you win… but it’s alright, I’m ok and it’ll be alright again.

Thank you for what the LMP allows us to express!!!! ❤


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