Little Miss Lindsay

Little Miss Georgia 4-H

Well, I had originally written my Little Miss blog before I attended the Nashville show. There was a snip in there about having not met Jennifer yet, and things changed. Thankfully, Erica emailed me back and asked if I wanted to rewrite, and I did. Since then, my entire focus changed.

Little Miss brand new start
Little Miss do your part

When I was younger, I was a big sports kid. That’s pretty much all I ever had time for aside from dance and 4-H. However, one day I walked away from it all. All of it except dance and 4-H. Granted I have started doing other things as I got to high school, but there is one thing that was the best decision for me to keep; Georgia 4-H.

Even before I knew who Jennifer Nettles was or anything about her, I was a Georgia 4-Her. I am still today. As I grew in 4-H and grew towards Sugarland, I found out Jennifer was a 4-Her. Of course having such a strong common ground like that, I was pulled even more to their music. Last year, Georgia 4-H was on top of a list of major budget cuts within the state of Georgia. Had the cut been made, everything would be gone. This frightened many current 4-Hers, alumni, program directors, and more. A lot of the middle and high school level 4-Hers like me began sending in letters and emails, just anything we could do to convince the government to not take it away. Then one day Jennifer Nettles earned some major respect points from me, not that she really needed them. She proved to all of Georgia 4-H that she will NEVER forget where she came from, and where she got her start. She was in the middle of a major tour, gearing up for and album, and filming multiple TV appearances. However, she took time to speak out. You can watch the video here:

Jennifer taking the time to do that meant so much to me as a 4-Her, not a fan. I knew at that point that if I was ever able to meet her, that’s what I wanted to thank her for. I was beginning to think that part would never happen. I had met Kristian, Annie, and Brandon; but not Jennifer. However, the cards lined up. I was sitting in a hotel room in Nashville Tennessee, and I got that email. Thursday night, I found I would be meeting Sugarland that Saturday. I didn’t even have to think about what I wanted to say, I knew.

When I finally got up to the front of the line for the meet and greet, I became really anxious. I walked up to Jennifer and she shook my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Jennifer.” I told her my name, and then told her, “I’ve been waiting to tell you something for over a year.” She still has my hand in a hand shake. She then slaps her hand over both of ours, looks me straight in the eye, and said “TELL ME!” I told her thank you for taking the time out of her schedule to stand up for Georgia 4-H, and never forgetting her roots. I never expected this to happen, but Jennifer’s eyes got really wide and excited and she excitedly yells “YOU’RE A 4-Her!!” She goes off on a little spill on how that was super cool, and how it’s such a wonderful program to be a part of. After talking to Kristian and taking my picture, I turned one last time to say thanks. Jennifer waved at me and says “It’s a wonderful, wonderful program. Stick with it.”

I will NEVER forget that exchange between Jennifer and I. I commend both her and Kristian for being such AMAZING people at heart, and so kind to there fans.


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