The Little Miss Project LIVE: Minneapolis

Words really can’t describe this incredible weekend. One of the memorable weekends that I will replay in my head over and over! So glad Maria was here to share it with me! The Little Miss Project LIVE was a success, and I also got some very kind words from Jennifer and Kristian at the meet n’ greet. I wish I could remember every single detail and share it with you guys. I can tell you I was immediately weak in the knees when Jennifer saw me walking toward them and said, “Hi Erica.”

Check out the video Maria & I put together. I really love how it turned out! Thanks for your constant support and helping make some of my biggest dreams come true. You guys are absolutely AMAZING. And if you haven’t heard, The Little Miss Project appeared on GAC’s Headline Country! (HUGE! TV appearance?! WOW!) That was a great way to kick off the weekend! PLUS, the original video hit 35,000 views on Saturday! Again, you guys ROCK!



(I brought my sister along for the meet n’ greet!)


6 thoughts on “The Little Miss Project LIVE: Minneapolis

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