The Little Miss Project LIVE: Cleveland & Pittsburgh

Anyone planning The Little Miss Project LIVE for this upcoming weekend of tour dates in Mansfield, MA, Holmdel, NJ, and Columbia, MD?! Let these LMP LIVE examples from last week in Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA help you pull together some incredible plans! And then report back to us after your show with a blog, pictures, and/or video so we can share the experience on the site!

The LMP LIVE Cleveland:

Maria checking in! The Incredible Machine Tour is well underway with lots of upcoming shows on the schedule, meaning it’s the perfect time to start thinking ahead and planning the Little Miss Project LIVE for upcoming shows that YOU are attending! When Jen S. and Jessica S., fellow Michigan Sugarland fans, planned and pulled together the first LMP LIVE in Grand Rapids, MI, back in March, I just knew it was going to become something tremendous. I have participated in a couple Little Miss Projects LIVE now, and they keep getting bigger and better! Check out the LMP LIVE blog and video from Minneapolis that Erica and I put together, as well as the video I am including below from Cleveland…

Thank you to whoever captured this video footage during the Little Miss Project LIVE in Cleveland last Friday night! And thank you to everyone that participated! The response and reaction from both Jennifer and Kristian were unbelievable. Something I will truly never forget. If you are able to, I encourage you to bring extra paper and sharpies to your show to get as many people to participate as possible! Jennifer P., Sarah B., and I brought extra supplies and began to rally the troops in the Sugarpit line, while everyone was waiting around to enter. So easy to do and it is such a fun way to get to know other fans!


The LMP LIVE Pittsburgh:

We did the Little Miss Project live at Pittsburgh – it almost didn’t happen, because the security at the gates tried to tell me we weren’t allowed in with signs-but I told them I wasn’t throwing them out, and then this supervisor came over, and she said we could go ahead but not to blame her if we got thrown out of the concert for holding signs up, lol. I wasn’t in the pit, but me and my friends were in the very front row, right behind the pit-there was a fence seperating us from the pit, but we were soooo close….when Little Miss started, my three friends and I held our signs up, and these girls in the pit turned around and asked if we had any more, so I handed her the stack and she started passing it down the pit-we got about 30 people or so holding signs :). My friend and I had made generic signs-they said “sometimes you gotta lose til you win”, “I’m okay”, “It’ll be alright again” and “I am loved”, and a few just said “Little Miss”-we WERE going to have people write whatever story they wanted to on the front of them before the concert started but we were afraid a guard would see us doing that and kick us out, so except for me and my best friend, the signs were one sided, but it ended up being awesome. No guard yelled at us. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had at a concert. My sign said “survived rape and abuse” and “Little Miss brand new start”, and my best friend’s sign said “I am fighting a debilitating disease with pain you couldn’t imagine” and “Little Miss I’ll get tough”-and we both cried-I felt like Jennifer and Kristian really saw us last night. The camera stayed on us the entire song-on all the signs-it was so amazing. People were crying-two girls turned around and hugged me when it was over and thanked me for letting them be a part of the song. I can’t explain what it felt like-I’m sure you know, though! It was just so powerful. Seeing our signs on the big screen, seeing people crying and holding their signs up so high, hearing Jennifer belt out that song, hearing the crowd screaming the words…I don’t think anything will ever match those few moments last night in my life.

The one problem is I didn’t get any pictures or videos of it! 😦 We were all so focused and overwhelmed and singing and crying that no one thought about getting our cameras out, and we all had cameras! I’m so mad! If you can, can you ask on your blog or your website if anyone got pictures/video of it? I can’t believe we didn’t get one picture!!!

Erica, thank you for starting this project. Last night was proof of how inspiring and powerful and life changing that song is, and the project. I don’t know exactly how to thank you-those words aren’t enough. Holding my sign up was a huge gigantic step for me. I don’t tell people about my past like that-only my best friend knows about what’s happened to me-and there I was, on a giant big screen, with my sign for hundreds of strangers to read. And I never even thought twice about it. I’m amazed at myself. It’s like I stopped being silent last night. So thank you for being a part of that, for helping me be strong enough to hold that sign up.



Little Miss Music Heals

This brave little miss shares how a dear friend and the power of inspiring music can heal, even during what may seem to be the impossible… At the end of the day, it’ll be alright again!

My “Little Miss” story:

My parents are both alcoholics and while I was growing up my father, especially, would become very angry, bitter, and violent. He told me over and over again that I was a nobody, beating into my head that I was worthless, that nobody loved me, and that I would never amount to anything.

I am now almost a junior at the United States Air Force Academy. Opening that acceptance letter was one of the happiest memories I have – I felt like in spite of everything I had been living with for the past eighteen years, there was still hope for me. One thing I’ve learned is that we don’t really have control over anything in our lives – we don’t choose our parents or where or how we grow up. We have total control, though, over how we choose to respond to the circumstances we are in. Nobody can make me give up except for me.

And I almost did. Last year my father, in one of his drunken rages, crossed a line he had never crossed before while I was home for a few days on emergency leave. I flew back to USAFA the next day with a severe concussion, a collection of about seven fractures to my ribs, collar, and wrists, and although I didn’t know it for a few weeks afterwards, I was also pregnant (I later miscarried). I was angry, ashamed, hurt and scared, and I had absolutely no idea what to do with all the pain I was in. I stopped eating, sleeping, and talking to people. I struggled with suicidal thoughts. Getting out of bed and leaving the room became difficult and terrifying tasks. I locked myself away from people and threw myself into studying to escape from the world I was in. Physically, I eventually healed. Psychologically, I was a total wreck and in spite of the constant stream of support from my friends, squadron, and commanders I started off my sophomore year in a new squadron struggling with nightmares, depression, and a growing feeling of despair that it would never get any better.

I wasn’t really sure what to think of my new roommate at first. She was (and still is!) loud, crazy, happy to be alive, and she listened to country music. I tried to cover it but I think she picked up pretty quickly that there was something wrong with me and although she never asked me any questions, I started to find candy and small fluffy animals on my desk whenever I was having a bad day. She would turn on Disney movies at night when I’d wake up. She loved Sugarland and would play it constantly whenever she was in the room. It didn’t take me long to become a Sugarland convert – the encouraging messages of hope and love were intoxicating to me after six months in my fog. One night, we stayed up together to watch the Amex concert in New York City on youtube, and I heard “Little Miss” for the first time. I was deeply moved – it felt like she was singing directly to me. I’ve always believed that music has an incredible power to speak to people when words by themselves sometimes can’t, but I’d never experienced it for myself in such a big way before. I let myself cry for the first time since it happened. With every nightmare, every panic attack, and every bad day, Sugarland has been there, singing of love and hope and promising me that someday it’ll be okay again.

It’s been a long road, but I’m getting better every day. My roommate has become the best friend I have ever had and I am grateful every day for her love, support, and sense of humor. Unfortunately, the physical and psychological ramifications of this attack were big enough to cost me my pilot qualification, and I’m still in counseling to help me with the nightmares and the panic attacks. My situation at home has continued to deteriorate and I’m still struggling to adjust to my new reality. The difference is now, though, that I know I am strong enough to heal. I know that God has a plan for me even if I don’t always understand why things happened the way they did or why they are the way they are. Today, I can smile and really mean it. I still have bad days, but more and more of them are good ones. It’s not easy and it takes time but I have faith in a better tomorrow. It’ll be all right again!


Little Miss Shonda

I had to make a difficult decision and end a ‘relationship/friendship’ that only allowing me to be hurt by hanging on waiting for things to change between this particular guy I had been friends with for a long time and myself… On the night I realized I needed to make that break- I listened to “Little Miss” over and over again- reminding myself that everything was going to be alright… So many of the lyrics of the song make me feel like it was written while looking into my life and they helped me get thru this whole painful ordeal.

This is the note that’s on my FB page… along w/the Lyrics to the song… I titled the note… “Little Miss, Moving on…”

I’ve posted this song and lyrics on my wall before but not enough room to post it all there… lately the lyrics really seem to fit my life though- except I don’t have a checkered dress… I usually wear boots and jeans– However, recently had an ‘ah-ha’ moment and even though it hurt it made me realize how much time and energy that I’ve been wasting on something that was never going to be what I ‘wanted’… no matter what I did to try to make it so. Like the lyrics say I do give more than I take, I’ve always been that way– call it nurturing, call it co-dependent, call it stupid, call it whatever… but whatever it is, it stops now…

I have to cut some ties in my life in order to truly move forward– I can’t keep tying them up differently with a different colored ribbon each time my heart gets broken… sooner or later ya run out of ribbon. And I’m pretty much at the end of my spool…

I seem to keep making the same mistake(s) and it’s time for me to stop, to take my experience and finally learn from it… so that I can make my brand new start- letting go of a ‘dream, wish, hope’ is never easy but it’s necessary– and yes sometimes you gotta lose til you win… but it’s alright, I’m ok and it’ll be alright again.

Thank you for what the LMP allows us to express!!!! ❤

Little Miss Lindsay

Little Miss Georgia 4-H

Well, I had originally written my Little Miss blog before I attended the Nashville show. There was a snip in there about having not met Jennifer yet, and things changed. Thankfully, Erica emailed me back and asked if I wanted to rewrite, and I did. Since then, my entire focus changed.

Little Miss brand new start
Little Miss do your part

When I was younger, I was a big sports kid. That’s pretty much all I ever had time for aside from dance and 4-H. However, one day I walked away from it all. All of it except dance and 4-H. Granted I have started doing other things as I got to high school, but there is one thing that was the best decision for me to keep; Georgia 4-H.

Even before I knew who Jennifer Nettles was or anything about her, I was a Georgia 4-Her. I am still today. As I grew in 4-H and grew towards Sugarland, I found out Jennifer was a 4-Her. Of course having such a strong common ground like that, I was pulled even more to their music. Last year, Georgia 4-H was on top of a list of major budget cuts within the state of Georgia. Had the cut been made, everything would be gone. This frightened many current 4-Hers, alumni, program directors, and more. A lot of the middle and high school level 4-Hers like me began sending in letters and emails, just anything we could do to convince the government to not take it away. Then one day Jennifer Nettles earned some major respect points from me, not that she really needed them. She proved to all of Georgia 4-H that she will NEVER forget where she came from, and where she got her start. She was in the middle of a major tour, gearing up for and album, and filming multiple TV appearances. However, she took time to speak out. You can watch the video here:

Jennifer taking the time to do that meant so much to me as a 4-Her, not a fan. I knew at that point that if I was ever able to meet her, that’s what I wanted to thank her for. I was beginning to think that part would never happen. I had met Kristian, Annie, and Brandon; but not Jennifer. However, the cards lined up. I was sitting in a hotel room in Nashville Tennessee, and I got that email. Thursday night, I found I would be meeting Sugarland that Saturday. I didn’t even have to think about what I wanted to say, I knew.

When I finally got up to the front of the line for the meet and greet, I became really anxious. I walked up to Jennifer and she shook my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Jennifer.” I told her my name, and then told her, “I’ve been waiting to tell you something for over a year.” She still has my hand in a hand shake. She then slaps her hand over both of ours, looks me straight in the eye, and said “TELL ME!” I told her thank you for taking the time out of her schedule to stand up for Georgia 4-H, and never forgetting her roots. I never expected this to happen, but Jennifer’s eyes got really wide and excited and she excitedly yells “YOU’RE A 4-Her!!” She goes off on a little spill on how that was super cool, and how it’s such a wonderful program to be a part of. After talking to Kristian and taking my picture, I turned one last time to say thanks. Jennifer waved at me and says “It’s a wonderful, wonderful program. Stick with it.”

I will NEVER forget that exchange between Jennifer and I. I commend both her and Kristian for being such AMAZING people at heart, and so kind to there fans.

The Little Miss Project LIVE: Minneapolis

Words really can’t describe this incredible weekend. One of the memorable weekends that I will replay in my head over and over! So glad Maria was here to share it with me! The Little Miss Project LIVE was a success, and I also got some very kind words from Jennifer and Kristian at the meet n’ greet. I wish I could remember every single detail and share it with you guys. I can tell you I was immediately weak in the knees when Jennifer saw me walking toward them and said, “Hi Erica.”

Check out the video Maria & I put together. I really love how it turned out! Thanks for your constant support and helping make some of my biggest dreams come true. You guys are absolutely AMAZING. And if you haven’t heard, The Little Miss Project appeared on GAC’s Headline Country! (HUGE! TV appearance?! WOW!) That was a great way to kick off the weekend! PLUS, the original video hit 35,000 views on Saturday! Again, you guys ROCK!



(I brought my sister along for the meet n’ greet!)