Little Miss Katherine

Katherine talks about her battle with Osteogenesis, being betrayed by someone she trusted, and how Sugarland and “Little Miss” have been there to help her get through these times.

The truth is, I’ve wanted to write a “Little Miss” blog for a while, but I honestly haven’t been sure where to start. I first began listening to Jennifer and Kristian in 2004 when “Baby Girl” became a hit. After I saw them open for Kenny, I was hooked. Jennifer’s voice and energy just mesmerized me. And Kristian backs her up so well…they are just a musical match made in heaven.

My mantra soon became “Settlin’.” I am a very lucky person; I have an incredible family who loves me very much, and I have honestly always had everything I’ve ever needed. However, I do have some challenges that most people don’t. I have a genetic bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta that causes my bones to be very brittle and break very easily. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve broken a bone; it must be in the thousands now. And yes, it does hurt, and yes, it often does suck. I’m two foot seven, and I’ve been in an electric wheelchair since I was two.

Even when I hurt and I have a ton of homework to do and I just don’t know how I’m going to get through the day, all I have to do is say to myself, “Just enough ain’t enough this time, I ain’t settlin’ for anythang less then everythang…” And all of sudden, I’m smiling, and everything’s okay again. That song has gotten me through so many of my days.

“Little Miss” came out at a very important turning point in my life. It’s a long story, too long for this blog, but the bottom line is that someone I cared about very much betrayed me; someone who I thought was my best friend and always had my back. It turns out I was wrong. When I needed her most, she wasn’t there. Not only was she not there, she purposely did some things to emotionally hurt me, and they did. Now, there’s a lawsuit involved in this story, but that part doesn’t even compare to the emotional damage she did to me. I’m not sure that I’ve ever cried so much over one person, girl or boy. The whole situation was just awful, and there were many, many moments where I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with it.

Well, thank God once again for Jennifer and Kristian. This all happened right around the time that they were doing the “complete your album” thing prior to the release of the Incredible Machine. “Little Miss” came out and totally saved me. The first time I heard it I cried. I probably cried the second time too. But after that I thought to myself, “You know, they’re right. I AM going to get through this and it WILL be alright again. I’m okay.”

I won’t say I’m completely over her or what she did to me, but I’m definitely better. Quite honestly, part of me wants to smack her and the other part wants to hug her (neither of which she’d like…LOL). I think my head and my heart still have some issues to work out with each other. However, “Little Miss” and the “Little Miss Project” have definitely helped me get through this.

Today my new aide, who I really liked, walked out on her job just when I needed her most. It’s finals time, I’m about to graduate, and both of my parents are sick. I must say, I’m not having much luck with hiring people here lately…No more looking on CraigsList…LOL. As upset as I am with her as an employer, I’m livid with her as a friend. How can someone just do that? I don’t get it…I’d never even dream of doing that to anyone.

I woke up feeling really sad, angry, and stressed this morning, so I immediately turned on “Little Miss.” By the bridge, I was smiling again.

So thank you first to Jennifer and Kristian. You guys really have no idea what you do for us fans and what your music means to us. Knowing that I have a SugarShow coming up or just hearing your voices is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. Knowing that you guys know who I am…there’s not even words…you have no idea what that means to me. And second, thank you to Erica for putting this project together. The power behind it is truly amazing…you are an amazing person. (Thank you so much! -Erica)


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