Little Mister Will

Will talks about how Sugarland’s music has saved his life…

Yeah, sometimes you gotta lose ’til you win…

The first time I saw Sugarland, they were the size of ants opening up for Kenny on his “Road and the Radio” tour. I was obsessed. The next year, the “Flip Flop Summer” tour came back to Minnesota and I went to Kenny’s tour again, just to see Sugarland. Little did Sugarland know, out in the crowd, they were saving a boy’s life.

I am gay and I am recovering from bulimia. Songs like “Stand Back Up,” “Stand Up,” “Take Me As I Am,” and “Little Miss” honestly saved my life. My parents don’t accept me and I am quickly losing them. I have always liked country music, but never felt like I should because majority of country artists I feel like, don’t accept GBLT individuals. Sugarland is different. Sure, my most played artist in my iTunes is Lady Gaga, but not far behind is Sugarland. Jennifer and Kristian are some of the greatest songwriters of my lifetime. Period. And whenever I feel like my life is headed south, I just put Sugarland on shuffle and relax. I feel like every album is written JUST for me.

Since those opening shows, I have seen Sugarland two more times and I will be going to my fifth in May when the Incredible Machine Tour comes to Minneapolis. I am counting down the days until that night where I can go to a place, and be accepted for who I am.

I am not writing this for pity. I am writing it for a Sugarland fan who is the same boat as me. Don’t give up. Sugarland loves you. I love you.

Keep listening to Sugarland. They save lives.


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