The Little Miss Project LIVE: Pensacola, FL

Little Miss Katherine attended the Pensacola show on Thursday night with a bunch of other familiar fan faces! The audience performed one of the biggest Little Miss Project LIVE’s yet. I had chills the whole way through reading this blog, watching the video, and even just seeing the pictures!

Pensacola, Florida. Where to even begin?

Last night the SugarFans got together and put on the best Little Miss Project Live yet. After waiting for over an hour (more for some) to enter the venue, we all claimed our spots at the front of the pit.

After Matt Nathanson and Little Big Town, who were awesome as always, it was Jennifer and Kristian’s turn! When “Every Girl Like Me” ended we all got ready…this was our moment.

We had come prepared. On the list of signs we had:

1. A banner that stretched over about five people that said, “Little Miss Project Live Pensacola”
2. Two poster board sized signs with lyrics from the song on them
3. Over two hundred 8.5X11 signs for everyone in the pit to hold up. They said things like, “It’s alright,” “I’m Okay,” “Little Miss,” and “You are loved.” One also had the heart with wings on them. There were even people who wrote their own messages on some.

Our smaller signs were fairly simple, but boy did they make an impact.

The pit as well as some of the rest of the arena were FILLED with these signs. I don’t think Jennifer and Kristian could believe it. They definitely had tears in their eyes. I was right up front, and the look they gave each other was priceless. We couldn’t have asked for a better reward from them!!

This was an “incredible” event to take part in…I even almost cried, which doesn’t happen very often. It’s an amazing thing when so many people come together over one song and show their feelings. Thinking about this moment will make me smile for a very long time.

Once again, I feel I need to thank Jennifer and Kristian for inspiring us with their music. And a special thank you to Brooke and Jennifer Coulter…ya’ll’s signs rocked!!

Thank you Little Misses and Misters…keep it up!

See you on the road…


Did you attend Pensacola and take any video or photos that you’d like to submit? We’d love to see them! Send them to:

I can’t wait to see how Nashville turns out tonight and how all the other shows will turn out! Be sure to document as much as you can so we can share it with everyone!

I also want to thank everyone so much for being a part of and/or supporting The Little Miss Project. It’s been incredible how far this project has gone and wouldn’t be where it is today without you! THANK YOU! -Erica


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