Little Miss Terri

How battling lupus and having trouble with her kidneys will not come in the way of Terri’s happiness…

Well, I’m not doing a video, but I do have a Little Miss story to tell. I have been sick for many years battling Lupus, which has been doing well for the past few years, or so I thought…..since October 2010, I’ve been having trouble with my kidneys and have had 3 operations on them….(and Dec, 2009, I went into kidney failure, and two weeks later my mama died.). Lately, I’ve been having trouble with stones forming and getting stuck in the tubes, etc…Well, my last surgery was a couple of weeks ago, and while recovering from that, I got a phone call from my doctor that he needed to do more extensive blood testing….not a good sign…..but, you know what???? As the song “Little Miss” says, “I’ll be alright again!” and “Sometimes You Gotta Lose Til You Win!” …. The bottom line is, I’m gonna win! I’m not giving up….gonna fight til the end…..many of you may remember that I met my soulmate, Rich Riding, through the Sugarland Fan Club about 1 1/2 years ago….we met up at the Ft. Lauderdale concert (he traveled all the way from AZ!) and we ended up marrying last April 19th! Things have been WONDERFUL…I couldn’t ask for a better husband, and I thank God & Sugarland for making that happen! Now that I’ve found my soulmate, I’m not gonna let sickness stand in the way of our happiness……”I’m gonna be all right again!” and “I’m okay.” Thanks Sugarland, for ALL the inspiring songs yall write….you’ve helped me more than once with your music! Love you guys! *Terri Plant*


One thought on “Little Miss Terri

  1. Terri, I hope you will find good health again soon. A positive attitude goes a long way. I am glad you have that. I love you very much. Take good care of yourself, and your sweet hubby. Your sister, Debbie.

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