Little Miss Kasey

How her best friend was there to guide her when Kasey didn’t have anyone else…

Little miss do your best.
When I go through a tough time, I find that music really helps to get me through it.

Recently my mom and step dad who has been there since I was two decided to get divorced. When they split my mom moved away with me and my step dad and brother stayed where we were before. I took it really hard at first, but not as hard as my mom did.

My mom became an alcoholic, I was basically starting a new life and living on my own. I started a job and was going to school at the same time. I was finding it really hard to keep up with both, and I was really starting to wonder if anyone actually cared about me.

My mom contacted my real dad, and told him it was really hard for her to support me. Out of the blue one day, he shows up and asks me if I would like to live with him. That was the last thing I wanted to do. The last time my father and I talked I was five and he told me he never wanted me.

Just as I though things couldn’t get any worse, my mom found a new boyfriend. Now she really was never home. I was left to do everything on my own, which is a lot of stress for a fifteen year old. I started drinking, and going to school drunk, and my teachers finally started to care that something was going on in my life.

I was going through a really rough time in my life and I had no one there to guide me. My best friend who was there with me through it all was the one to help me. She made me realize that I was going to end up just like my mom if I didn’t clean up.

No, it wasn’t a fairy tale, and my mom didn’t stop drinking. But I moved out of my moms house and in with my dad. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I’m okay:)


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