Little Miss Allie

Allie talks about her and her Mom struggling financially after moving to a different state. How Sugarland was there to reassure her that it’ll be alright again…

On August 29th, my mom and I moved to California. At first, I thought this move was gonna be great-living in California where the weather is always nice. My uncle has been wanting us out here for a long time and his wish was granted. It was pretty okay at first-getting used to the time change and the climate, however, things started to sour just six weeks later. See, my aunt HATES when my uncle directs his attention to other people because she feels all his attention should be directed to her and the second Saturday in November, she got her wish, my uncle turned his back on us. That really hurt because he had been wanting out her (since we’re the only ones to visit from his side of the family) and for him to do that hurt. November is when the financial issues started. Before we moved out here, I was in college and I had a job, my mom had a job and we had to give that up to move here. I started to apply to jobs with little success. Where I live, it’s not that diverse and you rarely see any African Americans working in the store and at times, I feel like my skin color hinders me from getting work. My own cousins weren’t helpful and were more interested in me getting a boyfriend so that I’d live with him instead of being at home.

So month after month, my mom and I would struggle, often going hungry (during the last two weeks of the month as my mom‘s disability check only covers bills and about two weeks worth of groceries) and if you ask people for money, they’ll talk about you and they get mad so to speak. One month, I was so hungry and miserable, I asked my friend back home for help. This was the girl I grew up with and known the longest so I thought she wouldn’t let her lifelong friend go hungry…how wrong I was. She said she’d help me…she never did and when I told her again that we were hungry, she replied with “get a job” And that really hurt me because it made me feel like she didn’t care. I’ve already had told her I’ve been applying without success. Needless to say, 2010 was a tough year and I missed out on SO many things-seeing Sugarland, going to back to school. It also bites not having the money for things you need, for example, my glasses are broken, my laptop is on it’s last leg, I need oral surgery for my wisdom teeth and I have not been able to buy many new clothes because I just don’t have the money. I’m hoping this year is better than last year. I really want to move out of this city, go back to school, see Sugarland, and get new glasses. Thanks to Sugarland and Little Miss, I know it’ll be alright again…sometimes you gotta lose til you win. Sugarland and their music has gotten me through the past 18 months…my mom and I still struggle, I still lack a job but it’ll be alright again. Because of my situation, when my mom and I get back on track, we’re gonna help anyone who needs help and I also plan to donate to soup kitchens and food drives because no one deserves to go hungry.

Thank you Jennifer and Kristian for your music and thank you Erica for this project.


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