Little Miss Mikela

Mikela talks about how “Little Miss” has gotten her through many struggles in her life.

My name is Mikela and I live in central Vermont. My life has been a rollercoaster ever since seventh grade. In the summer going in to eighth grade I went through a traumatic experience I thought would never happen to me; that changed my life forever. After that; I didn’t tell anyone what had happened to me and kept my feelings inside and they ate at me and tore me apart every single day. Eventually I started taking my feelings out on my peers beside the girls I was friends with who bullied my peers. Once I got in to high school it seemed like something had changed all of a sudden; the girls I called my friends turned on me and made me the target. I dealt with it for 2 years until my parents and I made a joint decision to not go back to public school the following year. The summer of 2010 my parents and I both realized I needed help, that’s when we discovered Neurotherapy which has changed my life forever. I felt able to smile again without it being fake. I finally let my family back in to my life and let my guard down for them to help me. I knew than that I was loved and cared about from day one they were just waiting for me to reach my hand out and ask for the help and love. Not having any remaining friends besides my family was tough for me but I realized I didn’t need to have people in my life that were going to turn their backs on me and say those kinds of things about me or my peers. I met one person who truly appreciated my presence and personality and everything about me just as much as my parents had for the past 16 years. I opened my heart for him and he’s helped me throughout everything ever since. Well last night my life was completely changed forever. I found out I’m pregnant, I don’t find it ruining my life but I’m scared to death and my parents are completely supporting me. But I’m only 16 and I’ll be 17 when the babys here in October… The only thing that helped me fall asleep last night was having my iPod dock on repeat playing Little Miss. I know God would never throw struggles or hurtles my way he knew I couldn’t bare. I guess all I can do is hope for the best. I’ve been listening to Sugarland for years now but none of their songs have touched me like Little Miss has. This song has given me hope and I truly believe every girl or boy can relate this song to their life in one way or another. From the very first line of this song “Little Miss down on love, Little Miss I give up” I immediately connected my life to it until the very last line of the song “It’ll be alright again, and I’m okay.” As soon as my Dad heard this song for the first time he told me these lyrics capture everything I’ve been through within five minutes of a song. It’s been eight months since I started Neurotherapy and I met the boy who keeps a smile on my face everyday, I feel blessed to say it’s finally alright again.

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