Maria: The Little Miss Project LIVE – Grand Rapids, MI 3/17/11

Little Miss Maria checking in!

What I love so much about the Little Miss Project is how it continues to grow and evolve. I vividly remember talking on the phone with Erica for hours when she dreamed up the idea, and since then the LMP has taken on such a big and beautiful life thanks to all of you little misses and misters who have opened your hearts and supported this project along the way. But we’re not done yet! Not even close! The creative roots of the LMP are still strong and the inspiration that is found in Sugarland’s music is widely spreading hope to more and more people. There are so many lives yet to be touched. The video and blog submissions have been pouring in here at LMP headquarters, and we encourage you to use this site as a home to share, express, and reach out to each other. Over the weekend on the Incredible Machine Tour, Sugarland fans brought out the heart and soul of this living and breathing project in a LIVE (and ALIVE) crowd participation visual version. Yes dear ones, the Little Miss Project truly came to life for all to see!

The Little Miss Project LIVE – St. Patty’s Day at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Big plans came together and an incredible surprise was delivered when the Little Miss Project LIVE made its debut from a very green sugarpit at the St. Patrick’s Day show in Grand Rapids, Michigan this past Thursday night. Myself, along with four other sugarcubes from the great ‘Mitten’ state (Jen S, Jessica S, Sarah B, and Chelsea K) in matching green and black LMP shirts, proudly held up signs stretched across the front of the stage during the performance of “Little Miss”. Our version of the LMP LIVE went in a series of what I would call “rotations” or “rounds”, much like the essense of the original LMP video. We each had four signs which were hole punched twice and connected by two metal keychain like hoop rings, making it easy to flip through the four rotations during the song.

First Rotation – Verse One:

The LMP LIVE began by each of us displaying on our individual signs one of the five words which spelled out the phrase, “The Little Miss Project LIVE” (read left to right from Jennifer and Kristian’s view). I guess you could call it our grand “introduction”.

Second Rotation – First Chorus & Verse Two:

As the first chorus began and continuing into the second verse, we flipped over and held up our second round of signs which had all of our individual struggles/hardships/etc. written out. Each one personally unique but beautifully unified!

Third Rotation – Chorus Repeated:

As the chorus repeated and came back around for the second time, we flipped over to our third round of signs. Each one of us held up different positive lyrics from “Little Miss” — I’m Okay, It’ll be alright again, Sometimes you gotta lose till you win, You are loved, etc.

Fourth Rotation – End of Bridge:

We flipped over to our fourth and final round of signs near the end of the bridge. Much like the first rotation, we each had a word that spelled out a phrase. From left to right (from Jennifer and Kristian’s view) the phrase read, “Thank You JNett and KBush”. These five words/signs remained held up until the end of the song. At one point we turned the signs around for the rest of the arena to see, everyone that is except for me… I guess I was too lost in the moment to catch the memo. Haha, FAIL. But just an idea and something that could be done in the final round of signs or throughout each of the rotations if you so choose.

There is no right or wrong way to go about planning a LIVE version of the Little Miss Project! Feel free to pull inspiration from what we did in Grand Rapids to plan an LMP LIVE in your city! Erica and I encourage you to refer back to both of our LMP LIVE blogs (hers is coming shortly after mine, stay tuned) to help spark creativity! We’re excited to see what you all come up with! Please bring your comments, reviews, photos, and videos of your LMP LIVE experiences back here to the site to share with the entire LMP community! Whether it is you and a couple of your friends, or dozens of fans holding up signs, the message will be powerful! Perhaps if you plan ahead, you could even bring supplies to get others at the venue to take part! Let’s all help each other make this something special that we can carry out for the duration of the tour. Together, we can stand up and show J&K, as well as all of Sugarland Nation what it means to celebrate and inspire in true sugarcube, Little Miss/Mister fashion.


Love, Maria


3 thoughts on “Maria: The Little Miss Project LIVE – Grand Rapids, MI 3/17/11

  1. “From left to right (from Jennifer and Kristian’s view) the phrase read, “Thank You JNett and KBush”.

    That made me want to cry.

  2. I was about 10-15 feet behind the people with the signs. AWESOME concert and what an amazing song! Love the Little Miss Project!

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