Little Miss Miirriina

From losing a job she loves to almost losing hope, Little Miss Miirriina and her family have hit a lot of potholes in the road of life. But one thing she could never forget was how her Mother told her that things always happen for a reason. Read on to see how this bumpy road has a happy ending…

I would like to share my story, so that others can know they are not alone and to hang on to hope. 6 Yrs ago, I got hurt. I was working as a CNA and hurt my back. That was the end of that career. It (caring for other people) is all I have known and it was devastating. I could no longer do the job I loved nor did I have other skills. I lost my job because I could no longer do it, and like so many Americans I could not find employment. About the same time, my mom became very ill. She was dying. My mom who taught me to love others for themselves. My mom who lived with a disability (Cerebral palsy) but never let it own her. My mom who had already survived two strokes. It was unreal to me. Wasn’t my family going through enough? Some how, by some miracle and force of her independent strong will, she pulled through. During all of this, I was struggling to pay my bills. My husband worked in a group home and unfortunately it was not enough to cover all the bills. We started making choices, I wish we hadn’t had to make. Pay the house payment or pay the car. Pay the electric or pay the heat. The battle went on. Eventually we lost our car back to the bank. But we still had hope. My mom had always taught me that things happen for a reason. I was just waiting for that reason.

Eventually, it all caught up with us. We were foreclosed on. During the “buy back time”(ha ha) we still lived there for 6 months. We struggled even more. We live in Northern Mn and we went an entire winter with out heat other than a few electric space heaters. We needed to buy food. I had no idea where we would live. We had animals and two kids. We thought about moving into this garage apt, but it made me nervous because the landlord seemed a little off. I couldn’t have my kids someplace unsafe. I became very depressed. I blamed myself for my families situation and I had to attend therapy. My marriage became difficult as we both could no longer handle the stress.

Six months after the sheriff sale, on August 23 2009, we moved. By some unknown miracle again, we made it. We did not have to move to a cardboard box, as my now 11 yr old, feared. We found a trailer home in a neighboring town, in the country. we loved it but we didn’t know how long this bliss of having a roof over our heads would last. We still struggled. The county helped as they could but they don’t have a never ending supply of funds. I continued to look for work. I wanted to go back to school. To gain new skills. But we couldn’t afford it. About 3 months after we moved our daughter, who had already had medical problems, became very ill. She missed months of school. She would scream in pain. There is nothing in this world worse than hearing your child’s pain and not being able to stop it. The doctors were unsure of what it was. But I knew. I knew it had to be the hereditary blood disorder that I had struggled with as a teen. Many tests later, upon me getting a little crabby with the Doctors, she had her surgery at the Children’s hosp. and thank goodness is much better today.

In February, 2010 just 2 months after her surgery, the power being shut off and an eviction notice being received, I found a job. My dream job. I don’t know how I found it, but I did. I was looking for a job, but had never heard of this place. They were looking for someone that had experience with people with disabilities. I was their girl. I have now been employed at a Center for Independent Living as an Advocate for people with Disabilities for a little over 1 yr. My family’s life has changed. My life has changed. There was a time when I wanted to give up all hope, to curl into a ball and hide from the world. But somehow, I found the beat again and things are looking better than ever. If life has got you turned upside down and inside out, hang in there. Don’t lose hope in yourself and your abilities and it will be all right again. Believe me, I know.

Miirriinia Waters


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