Little Miss Tricia

How “Little Miss” and Sugarland have helped Tricia fight the battle with cancer. Anyone that is a fighter of cancer is strong and courageous in my eyes. You go, girl!

My Grandma lost her battle with ovarian cancer 3 days before Christmas in 2004. I think it’s almost just as hard watching a person battle cancer, as it is to actually have it. I felt so helpless not being able to make my Grandma feel better. But, no matter what, my Grandma never lost hope. There wasn’t a day she was ready to just give up. She was my hero. Have you or a loved one been in the battle of cancer? Feel free to share your stories. I know Tricia is not alone, so let’s remind her. πŸ™‚ -Erica


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Tricia

  1. Tricia you definitely aren’t alone. My dad was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer this past September. It was hard at first. I remember crying myself to sleep. I can still remember sitting in the waiting patiently waiting for him to get out of surgery. I thought that day was going to last forever. Once he got out and we were able to see, I remember having to help my mom lift him up so he could sit up straight. Right then and there I released how much the surgery took away from him. This was my dad, the strongest man I knew and now he couldn’t even sit up in bed. He couldn’t walk as far, nor do as much as he did before. I would like to say he never complained, but that would be a lie. He complained everyday about not being able to leave the couch. After a couple of weeks, I could see the depression sink in. He no longer even wanted to get up. My sisters and I tried to get him up by asking him to do things for us, making him feel needed. This worked until he was finally ready to get up on his own. The pain lingered for a really long time, about six months. I will say though just today he went for a walk on the beach with me and my sister. It was nice being able to take those walks again, we’re kind of weird people who enjoy the beach even in the middle of winter. If he was able to take a walk back in December, we would have, but he just wasn’t able to. For now he is cancer free and I can say that was the best Christmas gift ever πŸ˜€

  2. Here’s hoping to many more walks on the beach-
    I can’t imagine how hard it was to see your dad suffer. he is lucky to have you around to encourage him.

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