Little Miss Head Banging Hostess!

This one hits me hard, but in a good way! Vanessa’s Mom had Alzheimer’s and she turned to Youtube & Sugarland for support! You have to see this one! You’re so strong, Vanessa! Thanks for sharing your story! =)


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Head Banging Hostess!

  1. Your story touched me. My mom just died of Alzheimers on 12/30/2010. And someone I love dearly has a marriage imploding due to emotional abuse. Add in other family stresses and I too often feel like “Little Miss one big mess.” I know things will be alright again but sometimes it seems pretty dark.
    Thank you for sharing- I don’t feel quite as alone!

  2. The feedback from Sugarfans has been so touching! It’s great to know there are people put there who care. That’s half the battle when you’re living in a dark place. It will be alright again!

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