Little Miss Lauren

How Sugarland kept a couple strong even through the times where they didn’t think they would make it. This is an empowering story! Thanks for sharing, Lauren! =)

Hi Erica,

Thank you for sharing and starting the LMP. It was very encouraging and almost a little refreshing knowing that I wasn’t alone in my “battles” in life. I wanted to share my story as well.

As many families, my parents are divorced and between my mother and father and new step-mom, I had a total of four sisters (yes, 5 girls) growing up. That alone was a struggle itself. I had a beautiful baby boy when I was 16 and in high school. A catholic high school at that. My family is extremely catholic (my grandpa was a Trappist monk) and my mother was very afraid of what my pregnancy would do for her family image. My mother wanted me to be sent away to a school where I could have the baby and give him up for adoption without anyone ever knowing that I was even pregnant. My father did not want me to have the baby at all, and the father of the baby, Steve, wanted to prove to everyone that we could do it. Being 16, I was skeptical that he would even stick around.

On September 14, 2000 I had my son Keith. I have had no experience with children and have never even held a baby before. I made my mind up that I couldn’t live my life without him. We went home to start our life. It was very hard and we had to adjust to everything. The father of the baby was supportive and never once shyed away from being a dad. While I was still in school, I had a part time job and took care of my son. There was a strong desire to prove to everyone that we could do it. For some reason, people think that they can say whatever they want to someone to bring them down and to doubt them. That was just fuel for our fire.

I still remember the first time that I heard Sugarland. It was a nice sunny beautiful day and I was driving down the road I grew up on. Jennifer’s voice captured my attention in Baby Girl. I couldn’t get enough, read enough or talk enough about Sugarland. I lived my life by the song Something More. I felt stuck in this pattern of trying to provide for my son without having a college education and living with my boyfriend’s mother’s house where I felt like an outsider. That song inspired me to do better. To live better. I told myself that this will not be my life. I started working in my local school district in food service (yes a lunch lady). It’s still my current job…but not my dream job.

My boyfriend and I had another baby boy, Stephen, in August 2006. It was an extreme struggle trying to raise a family in a home that I didn’t feel welcomed in. At one point I even overheard his mother asking him he even had another baby with me. I considered moving out and moving on since it has now been 7 years and we weren’t married or didn’t have a place of our own. Shortly after that, in October 2007, I dragged my boyfriend to our first Sugarland concert. It was in Rochester, NY. I was so excited and Steve just went along for the ride. Steve had never been to a concert before and let me tell you, that show made him a Sugarland die hard fan for life! The concert blew us away! I felt like I was a part of Sugarland’s life, even if it was just for a short time. I hope that Sugarland knows how they keep people going. I know it sounds weird, but they give me inspiration to live and to most of all be happy.

Steve and I have been together for 12 years. We grew up together and are continuing to grow together. We have hurt each other and have made each other the happiest person on earth. I feel Sugarland has a song for every heart ship and disappointment that we have been through along with songs for the best moments in our life. It’s amazing the journey of your own life Sugarland takes you on. We bought a house together in June 2010 and got married in July and the life we went through to make it to this point was worth every minute. Thank you Sugarland for enjoying this ride with us!



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