Little Miss Eliza

This video was so adorable, I had tears! My heart is smiling!

Eliza writes,

When I hear Little Miss I definitely think of both of my grandmas. Unfortunately, one of them lives a long way from me and I couldn’t get both of them. But they both have been through so much. The two in the video are Verna and Howard Hutchinson. They were farmers since birth and my grandfather didn’t quit farming until he got injured when he was 85. Since then, they have sold the cows and just rent the land. They are 91 and 92 and are the cutest couple you’ve ever seen. I just know that both of them have lived every word of that song in some way or another. They’ve been through a lot together. They’ve known each other since age 5, been dating since age 16, and have been married 70 years. Great love story and great people.

(The video is shown under my youtube account because she was having computer problems and needed some help adding the song.)


3 thoughts on “Little Miss Eliza

  1. I am absolutely balling over here! i’ll be lucky to see our 10 year anniversary with my husband due to a terminal illness and what i’d give to have the love for the length of time as those 2…definitely an insipiration!

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